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We are living and working Yokohama city in Japan.
Yokohama city is one of big port city in Japan, next to Tokyo.
We have big port for cargo and passenger.
There are many historical place in our city as many place in Japan.
Because our city have long history also.
However, here became very exciting area.
We have many famous shopping areas & shops, convention halls, trading ports, industries, famous hotels, and etc, etc.
Many foreign people living and working in our city right now.
Also famous to sightseeing for visitors. 
China town, Minato Mirai area, Yamashita Park, Land Mark Tower, and some other place are popular to sightseeing.
You could have more detail from here.

Here is metropolitan area, so we could have many products, items, etc, very easy.
New items or goods, we could get them quickly also.
So we have some advantage that is from place we are living.
Even antique, vintage items also together in the market of Tokyo. 

We have used business license in Japan.
That's why we can search antique or vintage items.
We can enter closed antique or recycle market for agent.
This is our advantaged service to many customers.

Please feel free to contact us without hesitate.
We are always welcome to hear from you.


  We WON! 
 "The Best Shop Prize" 

 We won "The Best Shop Prize" this year, 
     in "The Competition of On-line service for 
                          Import Export Service Agencies".

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